How Much Does It Cost to Get Married in a Registry Office in Cornwall?

Getting married is a significant event in life, and for many, planning a budget-friendly wedding is crucial. In Cornwall, one of the options available for couples looking to tie the knot is a civil marriage or partnership at a registry office, which can be a more economical choice compared to traditional wedding venues. This article outlines the costs associated with getting married in a registry office in Cornwall, detailing various fees and additional expenses that might arise.

Statutory Fees and Basic Ceremony Costs

The most basic form of marriage at a registry office is the statutory marriage appointment. This is a straightforward service where the marriage takes place without any ceremony in the presence of two witnesses and the registrar. As of 2024, the fee for this service in Cornwall is £46. This is an ideal option for those who prefer a simple and quick legal recognition of their union without the frills of a traditional ceremony.

Comprehensive Ceremony Costs

For those desiring a bit more formality than the statutory appointment, Cornwall registry offices offer several types of ceremonies, each with different settings and prices:

  • Classic Ceremony: Conducted in a registry office ceremony room, this type of ceremony is more formal than a statutory appointment but less elaborate than distinctive ceremonies. The fees for a classic ceremony on a weekday are approximately £467, while weekend ceremonies cost around £560.
  • Distinctive Ceremony: For a distinctive ceremony, which can be held in a licensed venue such as a hotel or a castle, the costs increase. For a weekday, the fee is approximately £697, and for a weekend, it’s around £742.
  • Simple Ceremony: This option is available for those who want a ceremony in the registry office but at a lower cost than the classic option. Simple ceremonies on weekdays cost about £307.

These fees generally include a non-refundable deposit and cover the administration involved in planning and conducting the ceremony.

Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership

Before any marriage or civil partnership in the UK, couples must give notice at their local registry office. In Cornwall, the notice fee is £35 per person, or £47 per person if subject to immigration control. This fee is mandatory and separate from the ceremony costs.

Additional Fees

Aside from the ceremony and notice fees, there are other potential costs:

  • Marriage Certificate: After the marriage, obtaining a legal marriage or civil partnership certificate costs £11. An express service is available for £35 if the certificate is needed the next working day.
  • Commemorative Certificate: Optionally, couples can purchase a commemorative certificate for £16.60, which is a keepsake but does not serve as legal proof of marriage.
  • Venue and Time Fees: Choosing a venue outside the registry office or opting for ceremonies outside normal office hours can incur additional fees. For example, ceremonies held in special venues like castles or during out-of-hours times can significantly increase the overall cost.

Booking and Cancellation

When booking a wedding at a registry office in Cornwall, a deposit is required, which is generally non-refundable. It’s crucial to consider this and the cancellation policy, as unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes in plans.


Marrying in a registry office in Cornwall offers a range of options suitable for different budgets and preferences. From the bare minimum statutory appointment to more elaborate ceremonies in picturesque venues, couples can tailor their special day to their specific needs. The key to managing costs effectively is understanding the breakdown of fees and planning accordingly to avoid any unexpected expenses.

For those considering this route, it’s advisable to directly contact the Cornwall Council or visit their website for the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding fees and procedures. This will ensure that all aspects of the marriage process are clear and planned out well in advance, making the big day as smooth and memorable as possible.


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